Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant

We are seeking talented and accomplished professionals who have been in client-facing roles to join our expanding CRM/xRM practice in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. This is your opportunity to use the breadth of your CRM skills in configuration, workflow, and your client-facing skills in delivering and supporting our commercial Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016-based software solutions CRM for Professionals™, Practice Management for Professionals™, and Applicant Tracking, as well as delivering custom solutions for clients in a variety of industries.


Templeton Solutions is a Level 1 Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and Silver Certified Cloud CRM partner and a nationally recognized leader in delivering innovative, state-of-the-art CRM managed solutions to professional services firms. We are small enough to recognize your unique skills and we offer the depth and stability of a 20+ year organization.

Required (minimum 2 years experience):

  • Expert Microsoft Dynamics CRM skills:
    • Configuration
    • Workflow development
    • SureStep project methodology experience
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015 or 2016 Certifications including:
    • Applications Professional or equivalent (MB2-704)
    • Customization & Configuration or equivalent (MB2-712)
    • Online Deployment (MB2-710)
  • CRM business analyst experience
  • Training and customer support skills
  • Good team player (taking direction, sharing knowledge)
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with technical and business professionals and senior level clients
  • Enjoy working in small company environment


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization Certification
  • Light Jscript development capabilities
  • Light SSRS development capabilities
  • Light SQL Server ETL experience
  • Light HTML5 experience
  • CAPM or PMP Certification

This position is full time with intermittent travel to client sites.

Recruit only the Very Best Talent

It’s no secret that your employees are your most important asset. In the professional services industry, your employees must deliver or you won’t be in business for long. Naturally, finding the right talent doesn’t always work in your favor and that’s a risk all professional service organizations face. What if you could take a more strategic approach to finding talent while developing staff skills to ensure higher aptitudes for the future?

Recruiting the right talent and tracking them through the applicant process to capture interview notes, candidate details and hiring decisions helps you strategically plan for the future. Using a tool like CRM for Professionals™ can help you do just that.

Streamline Employee Recruitment, Onboarding and Management

As noted in our infographic, 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for Professionals™, built on Microsoft Dynamics, you can attract professionals with the skills and experience that differentiate your services by using Applicant Tracking™. Applicant Tracking is a tool within CRM for Professionals that keeps staff connected to coworkers, clients and the information they need to succeed.

In addition to making sure everyone is on the same page during the hiring process, you can better engage your employees with recent assessments and provide tools that help them do their jobs better. According to an Aberdeen Group study, businesses that measure employee engagement are 24% more likely to have employees who rate themselves as highly engaged.

Of course all of this trickles down to ensuring your clients feel they are receiving value from your services by ensuring employees are properly challenged, experiencing educational growth, and can ultimately provide the best customer service around.

Protecting and nurturing your employees goes a long way in running a successful service company. Download 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for ProfessionalsTM, built on Microsoft Dynamics and contact us at Templeton Solutions at 561-847-7717 to learn more.

Use Data to Uncover New Ways to Increase your Revenue

Data generated from your professional service organization can tell you a lot about your business. From project details per client to revenue and cost analysis based on region. Taken a step further, data can help you uncover new ways to increase your revenue…if you look close enough.

  1. Clients: Your number one priority in a professional service organization is making sure your clients are happy. They can also be an untapped resource in improving your overall offerings and driving more revenue. Using data analysis to better understand your clients will put you in the position to provide not only the services you are currently offering to them but additional services as the need arises. The happier they are with your services the more likely they are to refer your business to their friends and family giving your business limitless potential.
  2. Industry Trends: Data analysis can uncover insights about your industry and help you identify new or growing trends to place you ahead of your competition. If you can forecast what clients need into the future, just imagine how you can better plan for your future, making the most of your headcount and any necessary inventory.
  3. Cross-selling: Big-picture trends PLUS other opportunities to sell more to your current clients. With a complete view of project details, you can identify other service areas that could benefits your clients. This improves the client experience and drives more revenue for your organization.

Harnessing the data you have can open the doors to increased revenue, but you must utilize the right tools and systems to make this happen.

Download 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for ProfessionalsTM, built on Microsoft Dynamics to learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business. CRM for Professionals is built for professional service organizations and provides real-time access to prospect, client and sales pipeline information. Once reviewing the strategic advantages the right tools can offer you, make sure to contact us at Templeton Solutions at 561-847-7717 if you have any questions.

Automate Marketing Success with CRM for Professionals

According to Marketing Sherpa, there is a 45% increase in lead generation ROI for organizations that nurture their leads. Even if you’ve automated other areas of your business, it may be time to focus directly on automating your nurture marketing processes and we know exactly where you should start.

As noted in our infographic, 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for Professionals™, built on Microsoft Dynamics, tools that drive automation can provide strategic data and help you develop stronger client relationships.

Is your marketing engaging or irrelevant?

If you’re in the professional services industry, you understand that client relationships begin during the prospect phase. Prospects first impression of your firm may be the marketing messages they receive and make their decision whether to reach out to your company based on those messages.

The information you distribute needs to be relevant to your prospects, and the services they are looking for you to provide. There are so many ways to learn about your prospects – through social media, other online resources, and direct engagement. Taking the time to learn what makes the life of your prospects easier gives you an immediate advantage because then you can provide solutions to their problems.

Once trust is established from that relevant content, the prospective client will ultimately make the decision to work with you. The ball is in their court and if you haven’t given them content that relates to their everyday challenges, you’re not even in the game.

By automating your marketing, with a CRM system such as CRM for Professionals™, you can see the marketing and sales process come full circle with insight into which marketing messages are working as well as which ones need some work.

Download 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for Professionals™, built on Microsoft Dynamics and contact Templeton Solutions at 561-847-7717 to learn more.

Data Driven Decisions Drive Good Business

Using data to drive your business decisions is one of those common-sense principals that we no longer pay much attention to and that is a mistake, especially in a time of big data. Service organizations need to make data work for them instead of the other way around. If you can pull a report out of your system, great! But what do you actually do with that information? Does it sit on your desktop day after day until it’s no longer relevant?
Many companies struggle with too much data and are in a constantly overwhelmed, but it’s never too late to step back, simplify your process, and turn data into a decision-driving engine that helps you grow your business!

Data as a strategic advantage for service organizations.

Our infographic, 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for Professionals™, built on Microsoft Dynamics, points out a number of ways data can benefit professional service organizations giving them a strategic advantage against their competition.

CRM for Professionals is a solution built for the professional service industry with custom dashboards allowing you to tap into the nittiest of details and the grittiest of KPIs. Many companies rely on spreadsheets and, although Microsoft Excel has come a long way, it still can’t monitor and track all the moving parts of your service organization. That requires making manual changes, making your data far from real-time insight. It also cannot provide a dashboard view of every detail to make sure managers have the data they need to make decisions correctly the first time.

Data-driven decisions are the best route to take when so many details are involved. Download 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for Professionals, built on Microsoft Dynamics today and contact us at Templeton Solutions at 561-847-7717 to learn more.