Drilling Down to Profitability

Chances are, you have a pretty good idea of how much revenue your firm generates from tax, audit and consulting. But do you know how profitable each service line is? Can you identify the partners who run the most profitable engagements? What about industry-level...

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Three Basic Models to Navigate the Cloud

In our last conversation we unlocked some of the mysteries of the cloud.  We discovered the cloud is not the data equivalent of a dark alley.  Instead the cloud is made up of secure data centers that are subject to stringent security practices,...

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The Recovering Cloud Skeptic

We’ve all met the cloud skeptic.  This is often a long time business owner or manager who is wary entrusting their lifelong work, sensitive data, and livelihood to the ethereal place we call the cloud.  For this manager, the cloud represents risk and loss of control. ...

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