Due to this topsy-turvy economy, your profit objectives aren’t being met consistently. Your margins might not be what they used to be, and your vendors keep increasing their costs. On top of that, outside regulatory or competitive pressure is erasing the margins you used to enjoy.

Bottom line? Your operations need to improve.

Let’s focus on the back-end, an application or program that serves indirectly in support of front-end or user interfacing services, in order to realize greater efficiencies out of your existing business and to increase profits on future revenue.

Does your business have the need for operational improvement? Ask yourself these questions:

• Is your company’s financial performance opaque at times?
• Do the expectations for your company continue to go unmet at critical points?
• Has there been mishandling of personnel – both internally and externally?
• Have you experienced vendor confusion or escalating costs?
• Do you have frustrating money collection issues?
• Are you consistently experiencing forecasting errors?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, you and your company will benefit from an ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] solution such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) software delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from operations management and financial management to human resource management and service management.

It connects the many moving parts of your business giving you better visibility and control. With rapid, flexible deployment options, Microsoft Dynamics GP will get your organization up and running quickly and affordably.

“Microsoft GP comes into play as companies start maturing to realize they need something a little more robust,” said Jose Garcia, one of Templeton Solutions’ top technology consultants. “They need something that can handle multiple companies and multiple entities and that will allow for extended financial reporting across multiple organizations. This solution is for when a company needs something to not only accommodate its current needs, but to accommodate the company’s future needs for expansion and growth.”

Garcia said there are three major reasons clients turn to an ERP system. First, they recognize there is an increase in their volume of transactions. Second, the number of users within a company increases and the need for a scalable software system becomes a necessity to accommodate a growing organization. Third, the complexity of the company is becoming more sophisticated – and Microsoft’s ERP platform allows for additional development and expansion that help usher this growth.

“We work with businesses to analyze their needs,” he said. “We look at streamlining data processes, as often clients have multiple systems and they do a lot of manual processing. One of the things we do is look for opportunities where we can streamline those procedures.”

Interested? Good. We asked Garcia to give us his Top 5 reasons for investing in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

1) Microsoft Dynamics GP is a proven system
a. It holds 20 years of rich history.
b. The system is constantly adapted and updated to work with ongoing technological    innovation and market conditions.

2) The software is tightly integrated and feature rich.
a. Offering core functional areas: financials, supply chain, HR, projects and manufacturing bonded together into a single tightly integrated solution.
b. A large network of Independent Developers extends functionality to provide industry specific add-ons.

3) Designed with the user in mind (yes, really)
a. It has the popular Microsoft Office look and feel (makes it easier for adoption by your employees.
b. It integrates smoothly to MS Word, Excel and Outlook.
c. Role tailored desktops – deliver charts and graphs.

4) Extend your reach
a. Utilize portal based access and dashboards to extend vital GP data to non-financial  users.
b. Integrate and share data with your Microsoft CRM system.
c. Leverage Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services to deliver cross platform reports to users outside the financial area.

5) Reliability
a. There is a 10-year life cycle for each release.
b. Enhancement plan provides access a wealth of resources including on-line training.
c. Experienced implementation services through Templeton Solutions.

“I’ve been in this business almost 20 years and in one form or another GP has existed over that time,” Garcia said. “I see clients who have started out years ago and have upgraded over the years but they continue to use the same family of ERP. It’s something that is stable, that has longevity in the market and is going to be here for a long time to come.”

We believe Microsoft Dynamics GP is the answer your company is looking for, if you need more reasons click here to calculate your individual ROI.

For questions or more information contact Jose Garcia at jgarcia@templetonsolutions.com.