New planning tool helps firms manage the profits and resources of engagements in process

West Palm Beach, FL (April 18, 2019) – Today, PracticePro 365 announces its Profitability Forecaster, a new planning tool that provides a 12 month forecast of planned and ongoing engagements, along with the ability to revise the estimate-to-complete and the needed resources on a real-time basis. Team members have the insights required to simultaneously manage profits and resources.

On average, accounting firms leave up to 20 percent of gross fees on the table with every engagement due to poor planning and execution. The highly manual process of budgeting and scheduling is inefficient and time consuming, and handled by people using a myriad of spreadsheets and programs. This lack of coordination and integration among systems degrades engagement profitability and accurate projections of human resource needs.

“In order for firms to successfully project and grow revenue, they need tools to help them manage their resources better and move beyond the static, antiquated process of engagement planning,” says Steve Templeton, Founder and CEO of Templeton Solutions, LLC. “Our Profitability Forecaster gives firms the headlights into the future they need to reach higher realization rates and the power to make real-time changes that drive profitability.”

Created by industry professionals with over 30 years of experience, PracticePro 365 Profitability Forecaster offers a new dimension to CPA firm engagement planning.

Armed with this tool, firms have the power to:

  • Project accurate estimates-to-completion
  • Properly estimate revenue and create more accurate financial statements
  • Monitor and manage profitability of projects in process
  • Prioritize their best clients
  • Balance the supply of people with the supply of jobs, helping to smooth out peaks and valleys
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Identify and reward star performers, and identify team members who need coaching

About Templeton Solutions

Templeton Solutions is a technology company and the creator of PracticePro 365™, a practice management software for professional services firms. We combine deep industry and process expertise with custom software development, to enable growth and innovation for our clients. With over thirty years of experience in professional services, Templeton Solutions serves customers across all industries, providing them with the tools to optimize their resources, improve their cash flow and plan for the future, so they spend less time managing and more time growing their business. To learn more, visit us at