Client Success Story

Crowe Horwath LLP


About the Client

One of the largest public accounting and consulting firms based in the United States, Crowe Horwath LLP uses its deep industry expertise to provide audit services to public and private entities while also helping clients reach their goals with tax, advisory, risk, and performance services.


After nearly doubling in revenue over the previous three years, the Crowe Horwath LLP Performance Consulting Group set out to do it again in 2012, with a goal to grow annual revenues to U.S. $100 million by 2015. For the company’s Performance Consulting Group, supporting these ambitious goals meant keeping a careful eye on the sales pipeline.

Unfortunately, few employees in the group were diligent about using the aging Onyx system to track sales activities, which rendered the group’s sales database incomplete and pipeline reports potentially inaccurate. The 15-year-old Onyx application posed other challenges, but low adoption among the Performance Consulting staff had the potential to thwart the group’s growth plans.


When the business case for CRM was presented to Crowe executives, the project’s scope soon expanded to span the entire firm. The choice came down to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and, with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and CRM for Professionals™ ultimately winning out. Microsoft Dynamics CRM fit with Crowe’s internal IT roadmap, including integrating with Microsoft Outlook®, SharePoint® Server, and SQL Server. It gave Crowe the ability to deploy the solution in a partner-hosted data center, so we could meet the security requirements imposed by our partners in the banking industry


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place, Crowe provides robust sales management capabilities to many of its employees through the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface, which is native to the system. Through Outlook, Crowe employees associate email messages, notes, and contacts to an account in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which helps the company establish a 360-degree view into sales activities. To make it even easier for field sales staff to update their accounts and access real-time customer data, the company has greater visibility into their sales pipeline and an increased number of users contributing to Crowe’s ROI. Reporting on the full sales pipeline for the company used to require an overnight batch process—and even then, the data wasn’t comprehensive but using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a trusted report can run in a matter of seconds.