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When you need Operation Improvements and Enhanced Reporting

Profit objectives aren’t being met consistently. Your margins may not be what they used to be, and vendors continue to increase their costs. Outside regulatory or competitive pressures continue to erase the margins you used to enjoy. Your operations need to improve on the back-end in order to squeeze efficiencies out of the existing business and to increase profits on future revenue.

How Templeton will Improve Your Operations

Our first priority is understanding your particular business. From there, our experienced consultants will want to understand your performance objectives, define the gaps for best practices and outline the solution (process, automation, personnel) needed to improve your operations.

Some common indicators of the need for operational improvement are:

  • Financial performance is opaque at times
  • Expectations continue to be unmet at critical points
  • Mishandling of personnel (internal and external)
  • Vendor confusion or escalating costs
  • Money collection issues
  • Forecasting errors

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Operational Areas that will Benefit from an ERP Solution

Financial Planning and Reporting
Budgeting and planning for the future accurately and efficiently will eliminate fiscal surprises. Templeton Solutions helps your organization set realistic financial expectations based on a sound business plan linked to current strategic business objectives.

Managers can quickly build budgets based on their departmental objectives and knowledge of market conditions for improved forecasting with built-in flexibility to respond to changing business conditions.

Supply Chain Management
Reduce data entry and save hours of time by automating inventory management processes and helping you replace bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Your employees will have access to real-time information about price and product specifications that will help improve customer relations, and at the same time boost productivity.

Order to Cash
You have to generate invoices, collect payments and issue the customer a receipt after receiving and fulfilling orders through a myriad of channels. Process, automation and integration are critical to optimizing the order to cash component of your business.

Human Capital Management
Get redundant tactics accomplished with ease allowing for better use of personnel. You want to reduce errors, enjoy better administration and keep costs down. With a flexible and powerful management solution, managing people and production has never been easier.

Your processes need to align with your current organizational setup, capabilities and culture. In setting up the processes, the organization needs to detail what information they believe to be important and what are the trigger points to move to the next step of the process. It can be challenging to do this at first but that’s only because most organizations haven’t spent a lot of time on this. We have. In addition to what we already know are good processes, we’ll nuance it to fit your unique organization. Once we layer this on top of the tools, you will start to garner immediate operational benefits. Over the long term, you’ll start to collect valuable data and your own best practices which will only sharpen your game.

Tools help us create, capture and organize data. Over time, data becomes an asset that must be leveraged. Data on its own has little value but within the context of a buyer could give us the ability to change minds. Data in a collective form could tell us something about markets, trends and behavior. Data frees us from our ignorance about our business.

Data needs to be organized and presented in such a way that decision makers can put it to use. A Business Intelligence solution is the answer. By setting up easy to understand dashboards, using organization-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), managers can gauge real-time performance. Using benchmarks to set objectives, dashboards to measure performance and data to forecast, decision-makers have a firm handle on their revenue operations.

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