Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Support Case?

An inquiry or service request that is not associated with an open work order or project associated with CRM for Professionals, Practice Management PSA for Professionals, or other Templeton Solutions’ published software is a Support Case.

  • If the request (subject/inquiry) is new, we create a new Support Case with a unique reference ID
  • If the subject/inquiry is a continuation of a matter already under review, it will be associated with an existing and appropriate reference ID
  • Support cases are closed as each request is resolved
    • As a general rule, if the service request is not a defect (see below) and is estimated by Templeton to exceed one (1) hour to resolve, Templeton will advise client that the request will be considered ad hoc consulting services to be performed on a time and materials basis, and Templeton will provide an estimate of services on request.


What is a typical Support Case?
Support cases are questions of a functional or technical nature. Examples include:

– “How do we…” (when it’s unclear how to perform a function or procedure)
– “I tried but…” (when a function/procedure executed does not respond as expected)
– “What if…” and “Why does…” (when there is doubt or disagreement in processing details).

Is a Support Case wasted if my service request is due to defect?
No. A defect (or Error) is defined as “not operating in accordance with documentation and/or as designed”, and our investigation and response to defects do not count against monthly entitlements and are not billable incidents.

Are all Support Cases acceptable and tallied against our Support Plan?

– If your Support Case can be easily answered by our staff with little explanation of research then support personnel have the discretion to waive it.
– If a case requires a multi-hour development effort (e.g., user training classes, special configuration, changes to settings, custom software and other), we will advise you about this need involving a specific work order (and this would be chargeable, as estimated by us and approved by you).

How do I start a Support Case?
We prefer that you send your service requests should be emailed directly to support@templetonsolutions.com. Alternatively you can complete the web form on our website’s Support page or can call our main number (561) 847-7717 and ask for support. When emailing, please include screen shots and detailed descriptions of your inquiry or issue. You will receive and automatic response via email as acknowledgment and our internal support team will be alerted.

At what times are Support Cases serviced?
Our standard service hours of operation are 8:30 am through 5:30 pm EST/EDT, Monday through Friday (excluding Templeton Solutions published holidays).

When will my Support Case get a response?
Service cases are addressed considered based on severity and location in the queue. In most cases, our support group initially responds within 3 hours.

How do I update a Support Case?
You can reply to any related email that you already received regarding that Support Case to update it. If you made a new email to support@templetonsolutions.com (without reply to previous case emails, or even without a case ID), we will review each newly received email for possible association to an existing case.

What If our version of Templeton Solutions software is customized – are the customizations included under our Technical Support paragraph of our Agreement ?
Templeton’s Technical Support offered under our Subscription or Software License agreements generally pertains to the out of the box versions of our software products or services and not to the customizations specifically designed and implemented for specific clients.  Templeton may, and often does, at its discretion and on a case by case basis, provide support for customizations or Modifications under its Technical Support, taking into considerations factors such as degree of customization, departure from out of the box functionality, etc.  and the ability to meet a one hour or less resolution time.  Otherwise,  support for customizations or Modifications may be offered as ad hoc consulting services.

We don’t license CRM for Professionals and/or Practice Management PSA for Professionals – how many support cases am I entitled to?

– Currently, Templeton Solutions does not offer a formal support plan for Dynamics CRM users that have not licensed our software products. Support for Dynamics CRM systems is provided on a time and materials basis.


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