Successful brands act on their customers’ feedback. Unfortunately, most professional services firms don’t survey their clients consistently or effectively and are missing out on the opportunity to develop “Raving Fans.”

CRM for Professionals™ will soon offer a Voice of the Customer feature within the Dynamics CRM 2016 Online platform to help you survey your clients more regularly and effectively.

Before You Start

  • Invest some time to make your surveys match your brand. Consistent brand standard colors, logos and images make your surveys stand out.
  • Plan ahead for better outcomes. Are you planning to measure and trend client satisfaction? Considering and researching a new service offering? – Be clear on what you want to accomplish.
  • Keep your survey limited to between five and eight questions to maximize response rates.
  • Personalization is important – a survey sent by a person instead of an “account” will improve response rates.
  • Consider automating next steps to close the loop. If a client answers a survey question that indicates an interest in one of your services or has a concern, generate an automated response and automatically assign it to appropriate staff for follow-up.

Easy To Set Up and Use

  • From the main menu of Dynamics CRM go to Voice of the Customer > Surveys.
  • Click New and enter info about the survey in the Summary. Remember to Save your Survey.
  • Specify the theme and logo image you want to use. Also set the values for header and footer text in the Survey Runtime area.
  • In the Invitations and Actions area, specify values for each field.
  • Personalize your survey with fields like the customer’s name or primary service line by using piped data.
  • After the survey is published, you can Test, Preview and Clone your Survey.
  • Linking a response routing is also a good way to ensure follow. For example, setting a Not likely flag for workflow when the question is asked “How likely are you to recommend our firm?”
  • Anonymous surveys can be embedded directly in your website via iFrame. If you are soliciting testimonials, then the link you send should be specific and unique to your client.

Built In and Integrated

Enterprise CRM systems like CRM for Professionals™ deliver rich features that help you engage your client. Voice of the Customer surveys become part of your standard business workflow and eliminates another login into a separate survey site. Built in analytics identifies gaps in your service measure marketing campaign effectiveness.

Want more information or help setting up Voice of the Customer on your CRM for Professionals™ Online or CRM Online environment? Email us at