Data generated from your professional service organization can tell you a lot about your business. From project details per client to revenue and cost analysis based on region. Taken a step further, data can help you uncover new ways to increase your revenue…if you look close enough.

  1. Clients: Your number one priority in a professional service organization is making sure your clients are happy. They can also be an untapped resource in improving your overall offerings and driving more revenue. Using data analysis to better understand your clients will put you in the position to provide not only the services you are currently offering to them but additional services as the need arises. The happier they are with your services the more likely they are to refer your business to their friends and family giving your business limitless potential.
  2. Industry Trends: Data analysis can uncover insights about your industry and help you identify new or growing trends to place you ahead of your competition. If you can forecast what clients need into the future, just imagine how you can better plan for your future, making the most of your headcount and any necessary inventory.
  3. Cross-selling: Big-picture trends PLUS other opportunities to sell more to your current clients. With a complete view of project details, you can identify other service areas that could benefits your clients. This improves the client experience and drives more revenue for your organization.

Harnessing the data you have can open the doors to increased revenue, but you must utilize the right tools and systems to make this happen.

Download 7 Strategic Advantages Service Organizations Realize with CRM for ProfessionalsTM, built on Microsoft Dynamics to learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business. CRM for Professionals is built for professional service organizations and provides real-time access to prospect, client and sales pipeline information. Once reviewing the strategic advantages the right tools can offer you, make sure to contact us at Templeton Solutions at 561-847-7717 if you have any questions.